Die App zum Jodelererlebnis GrimmiJutz
Familie unterwegs von Posten zu Posten
Miss Helvetia auf der Grimmialp

Yodelling experience GrimmiJutz in Diemtigtal

20% or 10% cheaper for the Grimmimutz adventure. We tell you everything you need to know about the hiking trail along the first interactive Grimmimutz fairy tale.

Welcome to the new Grimmimutz adventure! As you hike along the six-kilometre mountain trail, you will learn to sing Miss Helvetia's yodelling song, the GrimmiJutz, at nine stations using the interactive app. At the end of the route, you take up your practised Jutz and take part in the big competition.

Travel comfortably by train to "Oey-Diemtigen" and continue by bus to the bus stop "Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp". From there you can reach the Grimmialpberg cable car valley station in about five minutes on foot.


Benefit from the following advantages when you buy a standard public transport ticket for the outward and return journey at the same time:

  • 20% discount on the journey by public transport to Schwenden i.D. and back

  • 10% discount on the mountain railway ride to Grimmialp and back

The discount promotion does not apply to supersaver tickets or Saver Day Passes.

Yodelling experience GrimmiJutz

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Yodelling experience GrimmiJutz
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